20051229 – Boing Boing , Make , Digg and hackaday have picked up on my upcoming DIY RFID implant talk for NYC dorkbot. Jonny Goldstein also provided a interview of me from a recently slumber party at my Brooklyn loft.

20051220 – I have a upcoming dorkbot talk on Wednesday, January 4th at 7pm probably at location1. The talk is titled “DIY RFID Implants” and I have posted a 9MB PDF of my slides. Note several of the slides are actually video, so you will get a richer experience if you can actually make the talk.

20051208 – Make: magazine has recently released a new hardcover book called “Makers: The Book”The fan shirt I had made in the summer of 2002 is listed there, and I also made their Blog as “Maker of the day”shortly after the book announcement.

20051029 – Make: vol.04 contains a story called “Microcontroller Programming” written by SparkleLabs. I have a small orange box on open source tools for working with Microchip PIC hardware.

20051021 – I was fortunate to have some great blog coverage from the RFID Pocket project. To name a few: RFID Weblog We Make Money Not Art Gizmodo Makezine hackaday

20051008 – Swap-O-Rama-Rama will take place tomorrow in NYC’s East Village at CSV. I will be speaking about RFID Pocket Replacement at 5pm.

20050728 – 21F Gathering – Parsons Design Lab, 55 W 13th St. 9th floor. Thursday, July 28th at 7pm. I will be speaking about how not to create wearables along with Megyn Bruder who will be showing her work.

20050723 – In order to use the sexy ATtiny2313 20pin AVR MCU with built-in UART and dual PWM I had to upgrade some of the development tools. avr-gcc, avr-binutils, and avr-libc have all been updated on my tools page. .

20050701 – My story on howto make aGlowing, Wearable, EL-Wire, Blinky Light using Open Source Tools Make: Magazine Story.

20050627 – Full update of PIC, AVR, Schematic, and layout tools for Mac OS X fink packages posted to my tools page.

20050505 – Parsons Class “Flocking” talk on Mac OS X microcontroller development.

20050414 – Parsons Class “Flocking” one hour talk on some of the pitfalls of working with wearables. Using my own projects as examples.

20040514 – Last Friday CBS reported on my EL Ring Bag Dan Dubno covered it in his Gizmorama segment that aired that morning. There is a Multimedia tab in addition to the text article on the right side of the page which includes the broadcast.

20040411 – Last Wednesday I presented at the NYC Dorkbot monthly meeting. The slides above are what I showed, and here are some pictures that Wendy took during the presentation. There are a few more pictures over here that Douglas took.

20040327 – I’ve already presented the electric-clothing talk I plan to give to dorkbot in April at the LESMUUG meeting earlier this week. There is a total of 110 slides and I am providing them in two formats electric-clothing-talk PDF 7.4MB and electric-clothing-talk Quicktime 1.4MB.

20040307 – The next Lower East Side MAC Unix Users Group meeting is Thursday, March 25th. I will be presenting my electronic clothing projects. This talk should be very similiar to the Dorkbot talk. I removed the previous movie on my past electronic clothing projects that was on my website. I have now made a new smaller, lower quality movie. Its is available as quicktime (3MB).

20040305 – Next NYC Dorkbot is April 7th, 2004 (thats a Wednesday). I will be presenting my electric clothing. There could be a flat-el project that uses conductive thread in there. I just had some success tonight making a LED glow using a foot of conductive thread instead of standard copper wire.

20040201 – Lots of progress has been made over the last week. I’ve made or gathered up many unsubmitted fink configurations for Mac OS/X EDA, and microcontroller development tools. My switch from PIC microcontroller development to AVR development on OS/X has made some progress. I’ve built and packaged all the utilities I should need and made those configurations available. Also in my tools link. Like the new webpage?

Mikey Sklar